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Organisations can benefit from using call recording software

There are many industry sectors that are legally bound to record calls; legal firms, insurance companies, call centres, public agencies, health centres/doctors surgeries and many FSA regulated businesses, but call recording can be vital for any organisation, if your business is serious about; telesales, marketing, staff protection, litigation purposes, monitoring staff performance or customer care.

Our call recording software can be used to record an unlimited number of sites with web access to any recording. The solution is deployed at each local site; each site can also have an individual recording through the client application or via a web browser.

Organisations are permitted to record their customers’ calls, provided that they comply with the Privacy of Messages condition of two major telecoms class licenses: Self‐Provision (SPL) and Telecommunication Services (TSL) licenses. The most fundamental requirement is that every reasonable effort is made to inform all parties to a telephone conversation that it may or will be recorded, silently monitored or intruded into. Ofcom also suggests that employees are given access to a telephone from which their calls will not be recorded.

Our call recording software ensures all of the recordings are securely held in an encrypted format which gives compliance with Policy Statement 08/1 by the FSA. PCI compliant Stop and Start of the record is achievable using the built in DTMF support or by integration with CRM or our CTI products.

Other features include;

Standalone (extension integration optional)

ISDN30 call recording


Call evaluation

Extension tagging

Live dashboard with trunk / ddi info.

Evaluation, feedback, results and audit reports

Call tagging/notation

Trim and extract

Audit trail of user access and playback

Start/Stop and Pause using DTMF

Automatic Stop/Start with optional CTI

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