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Bill Analysis

What we do

We relish the opportunity to provide both our existing and prospective clients sound and constructive advice on their mobile phone usage. To do this comprehensively, we have the ability to analyse customers billing information free of charge with no obligation.

How we do it

Our computerised tariff analysis report gives us a detailed breakdown minute-by-minute & megabyte-by-megabyte, providing invaluable client usage statistics. It allows us to highlight misuse, excessive call charges & out of bundle use. Bringing these charges to the clients attention allows for us to talk through preventative methods to try and reduce unwanted charges from occurring and maybe how better to educate the fleet of users to ensure they utilise the tariff efficiently.

Typically the analysis can show cost savings of up to 40%, sometimes more.

This report then allows us to negotiate bespoke business packages that cater for the customer’s specific needs. Our analysis recalculates the cost of every individual call on every alternative tariff available. All information supplied to us is kept strictly confidential. We return all paper bills and do not save any electronic billing usernames or passwords. You can be assured we take privacy very seriously. The detailed report gives a full breakdown of each users call profile and clearly demonstrates the savings that will be achieved by changing to the recommended tariffs available. Depending on the data provided, reports can be completed on the same day and nearly all are returned electronically within four working days.

Example billing audit report

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