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The modern business culture is completely dependent on both communication and collaboration at all levels throughout the corporate structure, supply chain and customer base.

Voice Mobile provides IP enabled PBX systems, which have been developed to meet the technical and corporate needs of today’s ever changing business demands.

Our IP enabled PBX systems will provide effective collaboration, improved personal efficiency, mobile technology integration and enhanced customer interactions.

By design, our systems will ensure business continuity and investment protection.

Our IP based PBX solution includes applications and services that will provide your company with the opportunity to achieve realistic cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Our product offerings are based on industry accepted standards and include the ability to integrate 3rd party collaborative applications.

Our call managers run on open standards servers, which provide a platform for integrated real-time communication tools and applications.

The IP enabled PBX system has a set of integrated mobility solutions that are applicable worldwide. Importantly, those solutions embrace open standards to ensure best-in-class capabilities for mobile technology, with a user friendly interface and a complete set of cost control features.

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