Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX

The security of corporate data on mobile devices remains a top concern for business customers when considering how to manage their enterprise mobility. Finding a mobile security solution that is both resilient and user-friendly can be a challenge, which is why Samsung designed KNOX.

KNOX is Samsung's defence-grade security platform built into their latest mobile devices. It is an award-winning enterprise solution, government-certified, and empowers you to secure, manage and customize your business's mobile estate.

For confidence; government and related organizations around the world have some of the most stringent information and technology security requirements. Samsung works closely with these organizations on a continuous basis to ensure that their products and solutions meet and exceed their requirements.

KNOX is a multi–layered technology built into both the hardware and software of Samsung devices.


Samsung KNOX protects both device hardware and software to give you comprehensive security for your mobilized workforce.


Create custom device software solutions to meet any industry needs or requirements.


Mobile management is made easy, with both cloud and on-premise-based solutions. KNOX supports the most popular MDM, EMM, SSO and VPN solutions.

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