Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

We offer a satellite tracking system that combines GSM and GPS technologies with internet portal, allowing instant real-time monitoring and localisation of vehicles, assets, and persons worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We not only provide permanent online information that allows strict control of the use of assets and personnel wherever they are, but we also provide data about speed, routes, stop times, violation of working areas, etc. Everything is displayed and reported on by email or mobile phone.

With our solution you can:

  • Track vehicles, assets or persons in an individual or group basis.
  • Maximize the performance and cost-effectiveness of vehicles and drivers.
  • Control and improve the driving conditions of your employees.
  • Verify your delivery times, and offer better services and information.
  • Check records and control groups through online reports.
  • Find the nearest vehicle to your target.
  • Control the correct use of your fleet and avoid unnecessary fines.
  • Monitor your loads and deliveries.
  • Recover in case of robbery.

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